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Torrent Privacy VPN Review

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TorrentPrivacy is primarily designed for helping you to stay anonymous and safe when using a torrent client online. Their servers are through Europe and the USA, offering access to sites within those areas, and the software is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Whilst the site claims that security is at the “heart of everything” they do, we were left somewhat unsure about several of their price structures and general package options. The fact that the software only works with Windows or Mac also means that other systems are excluded from using TorrentPrivacy. 

Actually, we’re not sure that non-Mac or non-Windows folks are losing out on all that much. Whilst the site offers an anonymous VPN service, this is less developed than we’ve seen elsewhere and really only touches the surface of what’s possible. It’s missing a few standard features as well as more complex ones.

For avid downloaders, there are no restrictions on download speeds. You can also select your client, which includes uTorrent, BitTorrent, BitComet, BitLord, Vuze and Deluge. This does offer a fair amount of choice if you’re struggling to access files online. However, we still remain unconvinced that it’s worth the money, since other sites offer the same services plus a superior VPN.

The strange thing about TorrentPrivacy.com is that they expect you to take out such long contracts with no prior experience of the services on offer. The free trial is 7 days long but you only get to try it out if you take out a 2 year contract. This seems very suspect because it basically means handing over your credit card details and signing a 2 year contract just for 7 free days. It makes much more sense to offer a 7 day trial for free, then ask for you to sign the contract once you’ve tried out the service.

Perhaps we’re too suspicious, but that system just seems flawed. At least the site offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not pleased, and they guarantee that your information will never be leaked. They also don’t keep logs of your online activities, but that’s now pretty standard on any proxy site.

If you just want to access a variety of torrent sites anonymously, you might wish to consider using Torrent Privacy. However, its full VPN services aren’t as in depth as we’ve seen elsewhere, and the fact that you have to sign up for such a long contract is a real turn-off for us. If only they offered a free trial before having to pay for the service!

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