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Ipredator is essentially a very simple service for hiding your IP address online. They use more than 100 servers in Sweden to give you a mask as you browse, offering set price contracts for 1-12 months. 

It was really quite difficult to think of what IPredator.se does, beyond hiding your IP address in their 100 or so servers. In fact, we’re fairly convinced that’s all they do. At $8 per month, we expected a bit more. However, if that’s all you’re looking for, they might not be a bad option.

The site loads with Uncle Sam pointing a finger in your face, “Big Brother is watching YOU” slapped beside him. Well, this might be true, but it could be viewed as a little scare-mongering. The question is, if Big Brother is watching, how good a job will I Predator do at stopping the peep show?

We’re unconvinced, to be blunt, that they really offer top level protection. In fact, the site even goes as far as to say there’s “no golden bullet” in terms of stopping unwanted viewers from keeping an eye on you. This may be true, but there are ways to make it more difficult. Changing your IP address as you browse is one of those ways, but there could be more protocols put in place to help protect your identity.

If these methods are in place, ipredator.se has done a poor job at telling you. The site is barren, with very little information regarding their potential to keep you away from prying eyes. Even a look at their blog doesn’t inspire hope – it was last updated over 4 months ago (when we checked). Whenever we tried to find additional information on the site, we were simply directed to send an email to the support team. Not good practice.

One feature we did like was in the “resources” section: Jabber offers a safe space for live messenger chats, hidden away from the public. However, you can find similar services elsewhere, so it’s not unique. Still, this is a place to visit if you need to talk in private.

In short, this site feels a bit half hearted. They could do so much more, and you’ll probably find free sites which offer a superior service. If you’re still determined to check it out, we do get the distinct impression this is a bare-bones operation, which does have its benefits in terms of simplicity. Still, you’re here for identity protection, and we’re not fully convinced that they’ll do the best job possible.

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