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For around $5 per month, Air VPN offers a great range of software and protocol options, allowing virtually any system to run whilst you browse the net incognito. You can change servers as often as you like, switching between them as faster options appear, as well as being able to access country-restricted websites such as entertainment channels.

We’ll come to some of those features shortly, but if you’re into the rather geeky (but somewhat addictive) activity of checking real-time reports on server usage, you’re in luck, because AirVPN provide detailed breakdowns of their servers, which you can switch between as often as you like. Here, you’ll find which are performing the best, or locate them based on geographic location. This helps if you want to join a server in another country and go on to disguise your computer so that it appears to be a native of that country. 

Why would you want to do this? Well, some countries restrict who can access particular sites. Take the BBC for example; they’re quite protective over who can view their shows because the British people pay a fee which funds the broadcasting company. If you live elsewhere, you won’t be able to access BBC shows online. Airvpn.org offers solutions to this because your computer appears to be in a different location to the one you’re in.

Primarily, though this service is designed for people who don’t want to leave an online footprint which will be traced back to them. Whether it’s for personal reasons or for professional confidentiality, Air VPN does a good job at keeping your identity private. It moves your IP address between servers all over the world.

Some proxy services interfere with your software. Apparently, this isn’t the case with AirVPN.org as they allow all protocols to function without challenge. There are a few negatives here, though, as it can be confusing to know how things work, what each feature does and how to get the best from your membership. The site would benefit from expanding on its explanations a little more, keeping laymen in mind as it can sometimes be a bit daunting if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

We were impressed by the price of the services, with a 3 day trial costing little more than $1. A year’s membership offers you value for money if you take advantage of what’s on offer. Meanwhile customer service is fine, but again we are concerned that some users might find the technical side of things a bit complex. There are simpler systems around there, if you’re worried.

The site’s forums are a useful area to find answers to questions, although we couldn’t find everything we needed. It’s a shame that the site hasn’t focused a little more on tutorials and offering a decent amount of online (unmanned) support for people who are willing to learn how to use the features effectively.

Everything considered, AirVPN does a fine job. It provides solid, quick services with great versatility for running your various computer protocols. It’s also easy to monitor which servers will be quickest and most secure, allowing you to pick and choose regularly. Whilst it doesn’t always perform at top tier, it’s still a powerful tool at a great price. 

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