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Category: VPN And Proxy Services
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Pure VPN Review

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PureVPN offers one of the most comprehensive VPN services around. With over 450 servers, unlimited switching, unlimited bandwidth, a wide range of protocol options and the ability to function on a wide range of platforms, it has pretty much everything you’ll need to keep yourself safe and secure online.

This system essentially allows you to browse incognito, securing your personal data whilst also accessing websites which might otherwise be restricted. It encrypts your data and lets you to alternate protocol options depending on what you need to do. For example, if you wish to stream or download large files, you can use the (somewhat less secure) PPTP protocols. If you’d rather make sure your security is top-notch, you could switch to OpenVPN. Essentially it puts you in control of your virtual network.

With so many servers to choose from (450 in over 100 countries around the globe), there are plenty of options for switching servers. This is useful in helping you to find the server which is providing the fastest connection, but also in helping you to reach websites which are otherwise restricted. For example, you might decide to watch some new anime from Japan, but are required to access the site through a Japanese server. No problem, simply choose the relevant server, reconnect, and you’re away.

Additionally, PureVPN.com offers plenty of useful advice and 24 hour live chat support. This means you can get instant answers when you’re in need of support. You can also check out the online help in the FAQ, of course.

We were pleased to see extra features such as a kill switch, which allows you to automatically turn off any software of your choice, should you lose the VPN connection. You can also set up automatic protocol selections depending on the tasks you’re performing, saving a lot of time having to manually adjust the settings each time you wish to download a file or join a VOIP chat room.

Many VPN sites only allow you to log in with one device at a time, but Pure VPN allows up to five simultaneous connections, so you can make sure all your online devices are secure at once, irrelevant of whether you’re using them all or not. They also use split tunnelling, which allows you to use VPN protections for secure tasks, whilst using less secure connections for high speed tasks (such as downloading). PureVPN works with a variety of Windows platforms, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and more, making it flexible and suitable for many devices around the home and workplace. 

The software is easy to use and has been designed to make sure anyone can use it without too much diffiulty. Since there are quite a few options for more advanced users, beginners might find it too complex to begin with. However, the more advanced options can easily be bypassed until you’re more familiar with the software, and you can explore its capabilities as you progress.

Surprisingly, Pure VPN is actually pretty cheap. The 12 month contract is below standard price for this category and there are also extra sales during certain periods throughout the year. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a free trial, which is really a drawback, but we’re pretty convinced that the services provided will be suitable for the vast majority of users. In short: we highly recommend Pure VPN.

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