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BT Guard Review

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BTGuard prevents your location from being traced when downloading. It offers two key services: BitTorrent proxy, or a full VPN. The BitTorrent proxy allows anonymous downloading through a BitTorrent client, whilst the full VPN protects you during torrent downloads, plus keeps your web browsing, email and other net services anonymous.

Unfortunately, the website and its services just don’t come up to par. The site itself is very basic, with not nearly enough information regarding what you’ll get for your money. In addition, its videos outlining how the services work, wouldn’t load! Pretty useless, really.

The other pages on the site, such as the Network pages, simply tell you that they have a network spaced out over 3 locations, namely: Toronto (Canada), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Singapore (Asia). This is actually pretty poor and you’ll find other VPN sites which offer servers in over 70 locations around the globe.

Support is also underdeveloped. There’s a section on set-up, a link to contact sales or support staff, and an FAQ. You can search the FAQ but there aren’t many articles within the knowledgebase, so it’s fairly pointless. If you hadn’t already gathered, we weren’t too impressed by BT Guard. In fact, they offer nothing that you won’t find elsewhere, and they’re lacking a lot of key features.

In addition, they’re more expensive than other sites. The service seems mainly focused on helping you with downloads from a torrent service by providing you with an anonymous IP address. However, this is available on many (if not all) of the VPN services you will find in our reviews. The software is apparently easy to download and install. It also works with Windows, Mac, uTorrent, Linux and a few other systems. This makes it fairly versatile, but still not worth the effort and money.

In short: BTGuard.com isn’t up to the standard we've come to expect. It has a weak list of features, offering no improvements on other services, and it’s more expensive. Without major improvements, this site won’t go far.

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