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Hide IP VNP offers two distinct services: choose a region for your traffic to appear from, or unblock restricted site in the USA, UK and Poland with a DNS server change. These services differ slightly from many others, which tend to hide your IP address by redirecting it through various servers. Rather, you choose a region and the websites you access are led to believe you’re in one particular country.

Why would you want to use this? Well, imagine that you need to access a range of UK-residents-only websites. Local councils or broadcasters might restrict access from non-domestic sources. Whatever your reason, if you need to access these sites then you need their systems to believe that you live nearby. HideIPVNP allows this to be possible.

We feel that the Smart DNS services offer better value for money than the standard Order VPN services. The reason is that you can unblock USA, UK and Poland on almost any device. This is particularly handy for watching UK or US shows online, where international viewers are prevented access. A 7 day free trial is available for these services, and prices are consistently low for all contracts.

Comparatively the standard VPN services can add up to be quite expensive. You pay for a particular country, and then – for all intents and purposes – your computer appears as though it were browsing from that country. It’s a bit like wearing a country-specific disguise at the airport. At around $6 per region, there are cheaper options around.

That said, for around $10 you can access a premium service which offers 27 VPN servers in the US, Netherlands, UK, Germany and Canada, which is pretty versatile. Still, it’s not that cheap an option, particularly compared with some of the top rated sites, which offer more controls and features.

HideIPvpn.com offers support for many platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and iPod, Android, tablets, Windows phones, Linux and DD-WRT routers. This is pretty versatile, although they don’t seem to allow gaming consoles to take advantages of their services.

Thankfully, the site provides tutorials for each platform, plus online chat if you need it. There’s an FAQ but it’s a little short. The blog is regularly updated (almost daily from what we saw), which shows that there are informed people behind the scenes, should you need help.

If you want your computer to appear in another location, and that location is available through Hide IP VNP, this site might be a good option for you. Whilst its features are pretty limited, it does allow you to connect with a variety of devices. Prices are a little high compared with some sites, but still affordable.

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