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Anonymizer Review

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Anonymizer is a fairly generic proxy service, with a few slight improvements over its peers. It can, for example, be used to protect up to six devices, and keeps absolutely no records of user activity. The website also offers a generous 45 day money back guarantee and a 14 day free trial period.

This system is easy to install and pretty easy to use, allowing you to log onto a safe connection with a single click. It helps to prevent the theft of your data, which can be particularly useful if you’re accessing public networks (as you might find in wi-fi hotspots, such as in cafes or airports). It does this by running your computer’s location through a server elsewhere, so it’s difficult to track down who you are or where you might be.

Anonymizer attempts to outdo the competition with a few subtle differences. For example, they offer a 14 day free trial, showing you that some of its competitors’ free trials are much shorter. However, there are also sites which offer much longer trials, so their information is rather selective.

We do like the fact that Anonymizer.com offers a free trial without the need to include your credit card details. This means you’ll never be charged a fee by accident, which is often a concern with free trials.

Another positive of this service is that you can protect up to 6 devices on your account. Many sites only allow one or two devices to be protected. Therefore, if you’re looking to allow VPN services to run on a variety of your personal devices, Anonymizer could be a good option for you.

Support is provided through an FAQ, installation guides, troubleshooting advice and other guides. You can also fill in an online form to request feedback, and they aim to respond to all questions within 2 hours of receipt. 

Anonymizer is proud of its annual fees, seeing them as particularly low in comparison with their competitors. However, this isn’t necessarily true as there are several other services which offer a lower price, or a superior service for around the same cost.

Much like its name, Anonymizer just feels a bit generic and forgettable. It doesn’t really do a great deal better than many of its competitors, particularly once you realize their stats are somewhat selective. Still, if you want to protect your identity online, using up to 6 devices, Anonymizer.com is worth considering.  

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