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StrongVPN offers secure browsing, protecting your identity when you’re online. It offers three different packages to suit different needs and budgets, with an automatic set-up app for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. There are no speed limits or charges for bandwidth usage and they also offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

The three packages are: Lite, Special and Deluxe. The Lite package allows you access to servers in the US through secure, high speed connections. You can also download free software and install it on several devices. The Special package allows you to connect to servers in 4 countries including the UK and Canada. Meanwhile, the Deluxe package allows access to servers in 21 countries, with the same features as the other packages.

Honestly, we were a little disappointed that the Deluxe package didn’t offer a little more. 21 countries is fine, but you’ll find other sites offering a far greater range, and for less money. At $12.92 a month, this really doesn’t seem to offer particularly good value for money. In fact, none of the packages offers particularly good value considering their limitations. You can easily find other VPN sites which have a bounty of features, more servers, and cost less per month. So we have to ask ourselves, is there any reason to use Strong VPN?

Well this doesn’t seem like a bad service, per se, but you can just get so much more for your money. The software is apparently “free” but it’s not really because you have to pay your monthly subscription to use it. Perhaps their definition of free is, “no extra cost” but you certainly can’t use the service or software without paying.

StrongVPN.com essentially allows you to access a wide range of content from around the world, including Netflix, Youtube, BBC, Hulu, Spotify and more. This might sound impressive, but you’ll be able to do the same through most VPN or proxy sites, so it’s nothing special. 

At least the site offers a 7 day money back guarantee and short contracts. This will allow you to test out what’s on offer, and to decide if you like it. Also, their software works on multiple devices, so you can make sure all your internet access points are protected.

But, yet again, none of this is unique to Strong VPN and they don’t really seem to offer anything that stands out. They’re missing basic and more advanced features which really should be included for the prices they charge.

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