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IPVN.net allows members to access the internet incognito, with systems that prevent all known forms of IP leak. It also offers free guides so you can better understand how to use their services, a dedicated piece of software which works on most devices, plus multi-hop services.

Multihop is one of the more unique features on IVPN. Whilst many services might route your traffic through one VPN server, this service routes you through two additional servers, making it even harder to track you. The servers are based around the world, moving your traffic across the globe before it reaches its destination.

The website explains that your online privacy requires more than a VPN service, and that you really ought to consider what kind of data you wish to protect and who you’re trying to protect it from. For those purposes, it offers free guides on a range of topics. These are available for beginners and more experienced users, and anybody can access them. Even if you decide to use another VPN site, the documents available on IVPN.net are worth exploring as they will help you to understand how these services work and how to stay safe online.

The site’s blog lets you know about scheduled maintenance and any new updates, plus general VPN news. It’s not updated all that regularly, though, which is a little disappointing to see. There are also no forums, although you can search the FAQ to find details on particular issues. 

The software works on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Pad and iPhones, plus android devices. This makes it very versatile, so if you’re happy with what’s on offer you could make sure all of your devices are hooked up. 

There are several contract lengths to choose from, varying from a one-off month long deal to a 12 month subscription. Longer contracts offer fairly significant discounts and you can also try out a 7 day free trial to find out whether the service offers what you’re looking for.  

There are no limits on speed and usage, so you can get unlimited, quick internet access and download as much as you like. Unlike some other VPN or proxy services, IVPN does not target heavy P2P downloaders, so you shouldn’t experience slow or unreliable connections. 

Despite all these positives, we didn’t feel that IVPN offered you as much control as some other services. You don’t have as much power when it comes to switching servers or choosing which ones will offer you the best connection. The software is also not necessarily as advanced as in some areas, which may be irritating to users who are looking for more options.

Over all, IVPN.net does a decent job in many ways, but it’s not really exceptional. Its range of features and options are quite limited and you don’t have the amount of control which some users might prefer. Still, it’s affordable and offers a 7 day free trial. In addition, its various guides are worth reading, just to help improve your understanding of VPN services and how to stay safe online.

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